Agricultural sector

The agriculture accounts for approx. 14% of the Crimean gross regional product. It is ranked third after trade and industry.
According to the 2017 data, the agricultural sector consists of 1,527 agricultural companies (15.0% more than in 2016) and 3,340 farm enterprises and individual entrepreneurs.
The climatic conditions in the region allow growing moderate and some of subtropical crops. The farming area is 1.79 million hectares, with 27 million hectares of cultivated lands. In 2018 the crop area amounted to 742 thousand hectares.
Fruit-farming in the region is represented with pomaceous fruit (apples, pears) and drupaceous fruit (plums, peaches, apricots, and sweet cherries).

The climate in the region is also favorable for cultivation of essential-oil-bearing plants such as roses, lavender, and sage.
Commercial varieties of grape which are used in production of quality wines, cognacs, and juices are cultivated in Crimea.
The annual grape output amounts to approximately 100 thousand tons. Dairy cattle, pig, sheep and poultry breeding are the main areas of livestock breeding. Food processing industry is a high developing and in-demand sector.
It accounts for about 40% in the overall structure of processing industry in the Republic of Crimea. The industry absorbs a fifth of all industrial companies and more than 13 thousand people.
The Crimean fishing sector is represented with fish processing plants and workshops of fishing farms. Fishing is mainly carried out by the Kerch fishing fleet.
Home-produced goods are widely presented in the region. The list of such goods includes food-grade wheat, wheat flour, pork, lamb, non-alcoholic drinks and confectionery products, cucurbits and vegetables. 

The agricultural sector in the Republic has a substantial investment generation potential with appropriate state support and a number of various investment sites.
In 2017, the amount allocated for industry support was RUB 2.6 billion, in 2018 – RUB 3 billion. 150 investment projects in the agricultural sector totaling to RUB 60 billion are being implemented and involve both development of existing establishments and creation of new large farming enterprises.

Investment priorities:
  • primary and secondary wine making
  • flour and cereals sector
  • dairy sector
  • vegetables and fruit processing
  • bakery product manufacturing
  • horticulture development
  • creation of logistic centers