Energy Industry

Crimea possesses considerable reserves of energy resources and a high potential in development of renewable energy sources.
Crimea is involved in gas and oil production and generation of electric power and heat. With regard to the integrated power grid the peninsula's power system is developed. Generating capacities operate on conventional fuels, and also utilize the solar and wind power.
Four thermal power plants are in operation in Crimea, including: Simferopolskaya, Kamysh-Burunskaya, Sevastopolskaya, and Sakskaya. Their total capacity is 143 MW, six solar power plants with capacity of 407 MW, and six wind power plants with capacity of 88.9 MW.

During peak hours the generation capacities of mobile stations and of large enterprises are employed in the region. In 2015-2016, the power bridge between Krasnodar Krai and Crimea – cable lines over the Kerch Strait with the aggregate flow of 800 MW was arranged.
Projects on construction on two new CCGT-TPP – Sevastopolskaya and Simferopolskaya – with the aggregate capacity of 940 MW and private projects on construction of small central-station generating plants are being implemented in the peninsula.
Uninterrupted power supply in the region is provided by the largest power enterprise – Krymenergo. Activities on exploration, development and exploitation of oil and gas deposits, hydrocarbon crude processing, its transportation and storage are performed by Chernomorneftegaz.
To ensure natural gas supply to At the end of 2016 a new gas pipeline "Krasnodar Krai – Crimea" was placed into operation to supply natural gas to new facilities of basic generation. This pipeline will ensure pumping of more than 2 billion m3 of gas and in case of pressure increase – up to 4 billion m3.
Gas supplies to consumers in the region is provided by Crimeagasnet. The gas consumption is roughly equivalent to its production: 1.5 -1.6 billion m3 per year.
The level of own generation, which is still low, makes the energy industry a promising sector for attracting investment into the Republic. The industry receives substantial state support.

In 2017 only the amount of support was approx. RUB 23.2 billion. At present a new Crimean governmental program "Development of the Energy Industry in the Republic of Crimea in 2018–2020" is in effect. In this period of time the expected amount allocated to support the energy industry will be over RUB 53 billion. More than 18 investment projects totaling to RUB 34.8 billion and anticipating creation of new generation capacities are being implemented in the Republic of Crimea.

Investment priorities
  • creation of new generating capacities
  • development of promising oil and gas fields
  • construction or capital improvement of the power receiving and generating plants
  • construction or capital improvement of the gas distribution and gas supply network.