Development of fishing activities Shelf Fishing Company LLC

Требуемые инвестиции 16 млн
Отрасль Сельское хозяйство

Ready-made business. A fishing boat catching and processing fish in the Azov and Black seas Finished product manufacturing: commercial frozen fish, frozen fish for canned fish, salted fish, salted semi-finished product for preserves, chilled fish for fish flour production.
It is suggested that a potential investor enters as a partner into an existing fishing company, registered in Kerch and being a conventional user of aquatic bioresources.

The head of the company is Pavel Muravlenko, whose management experience in this area is over 25 years. The company has a good reputation and history of the bioresource user and tax payer. In addition, Peval Muravlenko is a permanent member of the Scientific Fishery Council of the Government Agency, Russian Federal Fisheries Agency and the expert of the Ukrainian-Russian Commission on Fishery in the Azov and Black Sea.
It is possible to consider any options of business development in accordance with the subject matter of the proposed project.

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