Krasny Mayak Health Resort

Area of 4 plots 3.3 ha
Location Yalta Municipality, settlement Simeiz
Form of property state-owned
Form of transfer to the investor sale
Number of capital facilities 10 with area of 3,174.5 m2
Number of beds 160 in 5 buildings, 62 rooms

Krasny Mayak Health Resort is established on the base of several All amenities of the village are within the walking distance to the health resort. Beaches – 300 m from the health resort, with the Pioneer Park and Central Park of Simeiz.

  • Gas supply – not available, buildings are heated from two Universal-5 coal boilers
  • Sewage and water supply system – available
  • Electric power supply – 246 kW.
Transport accessibility:
  • Simferopol Airport (SIP) – 120 km
  • Motorway 35K-002 (Yalta-Foros) – 2.8 km, from the plot to the macadamized road.
  • Yalta – 22 km.
  • To the nearest coach terminal – 700 m


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