Investments into Sport: International Festival of Extreme Sports "Extreme Crimea" Coming to End in Crimea


For two weeks thousands of young people from around the globe have been doing surfing, diving, playing football, basketball, dancing, taking part in entertainment events and attending concerts of renowned musicians on the Tarkhankut Peninsula. According to its organizers, "Extreme-Crimea" festival started from a small beach party.

"Over five years a beach party for 350 people has turned into a full-scale festival. In 2018 we received over 10 thousand participants from 20 countries of the world," told Konstantin Vydysh, festival's founder.

In 2015, an agreement for implementation of investment project "Extreme-Crimea – the territory of extreme pleasures" with the total amount of investments over RUB 10 million was signed. Creation of an investment project will allow the festival to move beyond the time frames and turn into a modern sports specialized complex. The project anticipates creation of the diving, surfing and kayaking center on the area of 4 hectares. In addition, plans include arrangement of an equipped camping site and a small boat anchorage.

"Extreme-Crimea plays a crucial role in the event tourism in the region and is an attraction point for thousands of tourists from various countries. In addition to its economic component, the project is of social nature. By the way, on Saturday the Corporation staff and I are taking part in the amateur match in beach football 'Match without a Tie'," noted Nikolay Saprunov, Director General of Crimea Development Corporation.